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Joint Care is a herbal formula which prevents atrophy of bone formation. Joint care supplements natural calcium having optimum bioavailability. Body swelling and joint pain are closely related to various inflammatory conditions in the body. The major causative factors are the improper metabolism and malfunctions of internal organs related to waste elimination are commonly seen in the case of rheumatic disorders and some viral infections. Chronic joint disorders are well treated with ayurvedic remedies achieving better results. Buy Pain Relief Oil Online from Bangalore, India. We are the leading Manufacturers of Pain Relief Oil in Bangalore.

Joint Care is very helpful in conditions such as arthritis (a condition caused due to 'Vata & Pitta Dosha') in which the patient suffers from the pain (Vata Dosha) caused in the joints and also in cells/tissues. The other main reason of arthritis is, the toxic substance (which is caused due to some problem in the digestive system, which results in half-digested food which is referred as 'AMA' (TOXIN)) that gets accumulated in the tissues of the body and induces the effect of pain in the body. As Guggulu is very helpful in improving the digestive system and it also helps in removing toxins from our body, it can be used effectively in the treatment of arthritis.

Special Features:

  • High efficacy in minimum dosage.
  • Quick absorption and fast action.
  • suitable for long-term usage.
  • No side effects.


Rheumatic swelling, osteoarthritis, sciatica, neuralgia, myalgia, spondylosis, spondylitis. and joint pains.

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