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From, DILSHATH, Bangalore

"Hi, if you can remember me...i have purchased 02 bot of king cobra and 02 of Him.niagra. It seems this medicine is really effective. i have increased girth and hardness dramatically.....how ever length is not so significant (yet it seems i've gained 4 mm in length).....any way i'd like to purchase another 01 bottle of each type to complete the course...tell me the price..."

From, Khan, Saudi

Dear Sir,
Good day to you,
I would like to become your product distributor in KSA. please advise. Also, I would like to inform you that I am taking both Kingcobra and Himalaya Niagra since 15 days and found spectacular results. But while I am taking both of them I am only having delay in erection and did not a result of Increasing Penis Size but I still hope that it might take some more time to take effects.

From, Vinod, Chennai

The king cobra a health care product of sriram herbals is awesome. Consuming this health care product I have just started feeling that I am into my second spell of honeymoon in my nine years of married life. This product has really given a true meaning in my conjugal bliss. The biggest advantage that I have felt on using king cobra is that absolutely no symptom of erection until you are stimulated by your life partner. Once stimulated it gives a good erection to enjoy thoroughly with your partner as the ejaculation lasts for a longer period to the fullest satisfaction of both. Never I have felt this much pleasure in our conjugal bliss. I am able to enjoy thoroughly so my partner. There is absolutely no side effects I have ever felt. The urge of sexual drive is so high that one gets to feel the blood circulation all through body especially ones pvt organ. I personally thank sriram herbals and their research team for having given me a true meaning in my conjugal bliss as many other tens of thousands of satisfied customers. Thank you .

From Jorge, Barcelona, Spain

Dear Sriram Sambasivam,
Hi, I bought already once your prodcuts: himalayan niagra and king cobra. They were awesome! I live in Barcelona and when I picked them up they said it could be not easy next time, depending on who the customs officer will be when I get them. I will be going to the USA next month and would like to ask if you have any issues with US customs about this, or if I can buy the products directly there or here in Barcelona, Spain. They would be for personal use.

From Guy Malcom Hendricks, Canada

Good evening: I am in the process of establishing a herbal business in Canada. I used your miracle/massage oil product for pain and it was excellent. I would like to have a quotation on several of your products. I am hoping to establish a long business relationship with your company. 1. Arjuna 2. Ashwagandwa(stress Management) 3.Fenugreek 4.Garlic 5.Gluco Care 6.Gokshura 7.Gotukola 8.King Cobra 9.Liver Care 10. Nagachampa 11.Shatauri 12.Uplift Thank you.

From,Vijay, Bangalore

First of all I am very much thankful to you for suggesting this medicine. I am continuously using Gluco Care for my Diabetic problem for the Past One Year and I have no Side Effects noticed so far and I am using 2 Capsules after Lunch and 2 Capsules One Hour after Dinner. After using Gluco Care Capsules I am feeling very healthy and My Sugar levels are in control,

From, Biswajit singha, Assam

I wish to purchase king cobra capsule. Last year I purchased it and I got good result so please if you contact me then it will be easy discuss to you.
Vill-Koomber TG. P/o-Kumbhir. Dist- Cachar. State-Assam.

From SHIKAR MISHRA, Maharashtra

dear sir, I have used king cobra capsule in the past too. I am interested in another course of 3 months . kindly inform me the price for that.

From, Deepthi, Delhi

I have used Breast uplift capsules for 3 months with some result and no visible side effects. I would like to know if i can continue to use them for another 3 months? Would that be harmful to the body? Please advice.

From, Anura, Srilanka

I have completed 3months course kingcobra & got good result can u find any easy delivery way like last time. i need 1 more course of niagra & of king cobra thanks Anuradha

From, Ojha, Telegana

I had taken King Cobra one bottle it was very nice but after that i lost ur contact numbers.today i got ur website again back and i want to go for king cobra + himalayan niagra both medicine for 3 months please contact me or send me the details on my mail long with ur bank a/c no so i can make the money transfer in ur a/c last time i had sent thru ICICI bank

From James, Zambia

I had bought Himalaya Niagra and King Cobra and I am happy with the results. Will I need to continue taking more once my 3 Month course is finished?

From, Love Deep, Australia

I have used King Cobra Now I wanna have Himalaya course ASAP because I got good result from king cobra So plz let me know about everything about Himalaya product so that I can get it soon Thanks Looking forward for your response

From, Navdeep, UK

This is to state that I like to order the Himalayan Nigara and King Cobra course medicine . Earlier too , I have ordered twice from your company and I am satisfied with results . Presently , I am staying in United Kingdom .Will you please let me know how can I order and make payment and get delivered here. I shall be thankful to you if you reply me and accept my order.

From Sushanta, Odissa

I have used Kingkobra and Himalayan Niagra for 3 Months.The products are good as I have been benefited from them.However,Please reply the following queries.
1.Please inform whether the benefits will remain forever or it will diminish with passage of time?.
2.I want to enhance further the effect.Is it advisable to continue these medicines further.

From Walid, UAE

I'm walid long time ago i bought from you Kingcobra and i do belive it worked now i need to place another order for my friend.So kindly send me the price list plus shipping and handling and please send it by DHL

From Sylas, Berlin

Dear sriram,
I m using your herbal supplement King Cobra, the results are great. I continuation with the good results, I would like to enquire about your products Himalayan Niagra, Ashwaganda and Gokshura capsules.

From Viraj, Srilanka

Hello Gentleman,
I really satisfy with the KingCobra medicine. still one month to finish the couse. but good results.Have you got any product for delay (Delay up to about 45 Minutes). I might go for another Course of king cobra.

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